Who is T.K. Lee?

T.K. Lee, award-winning actor, director, playwright, and poet, was born in Charleston, South Carolina, but reared mostly in Mississippi by his maternal great uncle. T.K—known as Kris in his every day life with his every day people—is cut from a cloth dyed as much in the Delta Blues as it is in the red clay hills stretching across the eastern edge of the state.

He attempts at various times throughout the year to be a writer, actor, once-in-a-blue-moon-cabaret-artist, educator, fill-in-the-blank, and all-around good guy whose opinions differ drastically from his upbringing...and never fail to give him something to write about.

Of course, he may not always tell the truth…but he never fails to tell the story which is a kind of truth all on its own.

That’s the part that gets him in trouble, every now and then. But that’s also part of the fun.

When he's not writing (or avoiding writing) he's often found sharing his knowledge and insight with students at Mississippi University for Women, where he teaches in the MFA Program in Creative Writing.

What He Knows And How He Knows It

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Lights Up!

Director & Actor

No stranger to theatre, T. K. Lee enjoys spending time on stage as an actor—he started at the age of 12 in The Sound of Music—but when he discovered the thrill of directing, he found he enjoyed his time off stage just as much.

Paper Thin

Hot Off The Press!

Poetry & Prose

At the tender age of four, he fell in love with words, developing a growing appetite for them in all their shapes, forms, and fashions. This love affair with the written word made the leap to crafting his own, a natural one be it an original play, poetry, or a short story collection.



Original Plays

Speaking of original plays, T.K. Lee has quite a stack. Some have made it into print, some onto the stage, but all have come right (or wrong) straight out of his own strange, familiar, and quirky mind.

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A Is For Academics!

Courses, Residencies & Workshops

From the stage to the classroom, he is passionate about sharing his expertise and experiences in diverse learning environments through both traditional coursework, as well as online instruction, and through seminars, lectures, and workshops.